Soundproofing & Sound-Conditioning

We are celebrating 29 years of continuous work in soundproofing & sound-conditioning

Welcome from our President, Arthur Noxon

You’re here, now, with a soundproofing project on your hands. You know one thing for sure: Something has simply got to be done about that noise. You’ve been cruising the information highway and learned a few things about soundproofing. But you’re still foggy as to what you should really do about your project: Where to go, who to ask, who to believe, what to buy and who to hire to do the work. All you really know is that you’re still facing the soundproofing project and that you still have to get it right, the first time.


We do noise control projects without traveling to the job site

There are many acoustic engineering firms in big cities that provide soundproofing services. Unfortunately, noise problems aren’t just in the big cities; they are where ever people live. Many projects are not large enough to warrant flying in out of town soundproofing specialists. That’s where we fit in. We have been doing soundproofing projects for so long, since 1985, that we’ve learned to do most of them without ever going to the job site. We do them by remote. And after we figure out what is needed we gather the materials together, the ones you can’t find locally, and ship them directly to the job site along with detailed install instructions.

In our early years as an acoustics company our primary customers were recording studio owners and audiophiles, people who had large, powerful sound systems that had to be contained, so the neighbors wouldn’t complain. At first only the wealthy could afford to fly us to the job sites. 

As time went on, one job began to look like the next and we began to realize that for most jobs, we didn’t really have to be there. Just some good photos and a set of floor plans is all we needed.

In the beginning it was photos and floor plans in the mail. Today everything is relayed vie email and cell phones. Either way, we still gather the information we need to solve the problem and make the right recommendation. And then, instead of preparing and shipping a large and expensive set of blueprints, we package and ship all the hard to find soundproofing materials directly to the job site along with installation instructions. And if that isn’t enough, we remain in contact with the project through its completion.

Give us at ASC a call; send in photos and sketches of your project. You’ll be glad you did.

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