Custom Projects

If you have a project coming up with special soundproofing needs, ASC wants to hear from you. Our engineers like to work on challenging projects that require thinking outside the box. Often, these projects involve industrial environments with very high noise levels. We recently completed the soundproofing for a sound studio situated next to a bathroom. The list goes on and on.

Our engineering team and project managers will work with you to come up with the best solution that fits your budget. Our staff can also supply your architect with CAD files and descriptive white papers for inclusion and specification on plans. We can work directly with your builder and/or architect for any kind of custom design. We are the project people, we love engineering solutions no matter how big or small.

In some cases, a project requires a custom solution that is not available "off the shelf". ASC is one of the few soundproofing manufacturers that will actually invent a solution by adapting existing technology.

Be sure to visit the Industrial Acoustics Page to see what we do for our industrial clients. If you have a project coming up, visit our Online Info Request Form.


WallDamp being applied to a professional sound studio


Here is an example of an ASC soundproofing plan