DIY Soundproofing Videos

In September 2008, videographer Max Koetter approached ASC Founder and President Art Noxon to shoot a series of on-line videos for Expert Village. Koetter came to the ASC offices in Eugene, Oregon armed with storyboards and video gear, and shot many takes. The end result is presented here.

In this first video, Noxon describes the basics, including window and door soundproofing. He also describes how to soundproof your room for just 25 cents per square foot.


In this next video, Noxon describes how to build a soundproof vocal booth. The booth is built into a corner of the room and is actually a "room within a room".


In this video, Noxon describes how to do cheap and fast soundproofing. Just by using simple off-the-shelf materials like weather strips and door wipers, you can make a significant improvement in the soundproofing of your room.


And finally, Noxon explains how to quiet HVAC ducting cheaply and effectively. Using 2" fiberglass ductboard with a special cut, sound transmission through the ductwork is significantly reduced.