Getting Started

Let’s Get Started on Your Noise or Sound Control Project Today

You have a noise or sound control project to do. Noise is what we don’t like and sound is what we do like. Either way, the project start date is coming up soon. And when you’re done, you’re hoping it will either have brought relief to your noise problem or created the sonic space of your dreams.

You‘re also thinking you might not want to try this project all by yourself and you know if it’s going to be done it has to be done right, the first time. And so, the next thing to do is to explore getting some help. Who might it be and what is it like to work with them? Choosing a good partner is always an important decision. Here’s our way for you to find out. It’s the same step you’d take if you knew for sure we were gong to help.

Either way, we need the basic information about your project, so we are on the same page with you. After 25 years of coordinating with owners and helping them do specialty acoustic projects all over the world, we know what works and what doesn’t work. You start the process by preparing a package and you send it to us. It can go email or regular mail, either way, the package of project information arrives. It contains:

  1. A good set of photos of the project site as it is right now, lots of photos. We tape them together into wide panorama shots so as to get a good idea of what the space is like. Include the edges of the room, ceiling corners and floor corners. 
  2. A good sketch of the floor plan, as it is now and as you hope it will become, add speaker locations and listener location. 
  3. A list of the basic equipment being used in the room, especially the sound sources and their location. 
  4. A description of your goal for this project. 
  5. A description of what you notice is bothering you about your present situation.
  6. Finally, a schedule of days and times coming up soon, when you will be available to visit with one of our engineers, after they have reviewed your file.

We get the package and we match your work by putting the paper work together in an understandable form, sometimes redrawing the room and then the structured information goes to engineering for review. After that we keep an appointment with you and are fully prepared to actually discuss your project knowledgably.

When you call in, we provide in addition to the work we’ve already done to get ready for the call, an additional no-charge ½ hour of engineering time on the phone. You will always get a good benefit out of this project review. If we determine that this project is not something we can help with, we will try to refer you to someone more appropriate.

After the initial half hour, you can take a break and think about it, hopefully you’ll call back and let us now what you decided to do. Possibly you will make up your mind during our ½ hour work session. Either way the next step is send us a Project Package. And the project begins.

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