Soundproofing for Home Theaters

How many times have you wished you could blast your favorite movie sound track ? Are you always trying to inch the volume up in an effort to get that Large Cinema feel? If you answered yes, ASC Walldamp+Iso products are the best soundproofing money can buy for maintaining quality acoustics while containing excess sound.

Our engineering team and project advisors will work with you to come up with the best solution that fits your budget. Our staff can also supply your architect with CAD files and descriptive white papers for inclusion and specification on house plans. We can work directly with your builder and/or architect for any kind of custom home theater design. We are the project people, we love engineering solutions no matter how big or small.

Many of our customers opt for some form of soundproofing to prevent sound from seeping into the rest of the house. There are many options depending on whether your theater room is pre-existing, or not yet built. Walldamp+Iso walls and ceilings are best installed before sheetrock, but it can be installed overexisting walls.

Be sure to visit the Contact Page to download a project sheet which you fill out and fax back to us. Easier yet, visit our Online Request Form.


Walldamp+Iso made this home theater soundproof and the 
music still sounds great!


IsoDeck Floating Floors

IsoDeck Floating Floors can be used to isolate and dampen sound through floors. In this picture, WallDamp strips are being applied to joists. An acoustic felt is used to float the deck above the subfloor.


What Exactly is Sound Conditioning?

When high powered audio such as a powered sub-woofer is present in a room, your walls, floors and ceilings tend to "twang". It's just like the interior of a guitar when it's being played.

ASC has solved this unwanted twang by isolating the vibration using our unique elastomeric co-polymer product, WallDamp. Available only from Acoustic Sciences, WallDamp is used in all levels of our Soundproofing Product Line.