ASC IsoWall System Components

ASC IsoWall and IsoCeiling is installed in basically three easy steps. Step 1 is site prep such as insulation, HVAC ducts and vents, perimeter blocking, and electrical box placement. Step 2 is install suspension system of gasket, RC Pads, and resilient channel. Step 3 is installing the sheetrock with WallDamp sandwiched between.

This system is based on the resilient channel method of soundproofing, a well proven technique that has been in use for over 50 years. The ASC Walldamp+Iso soundproofing system is an improvement on the resilient channel system because we add damping to the assembly.

In all cases, always be sure to follow your local building codes, regardless of what we might suggest. The ASC IsoWall and IsoCeiling Soundproofing System uses two layers of dissimilar sheetrock, one being regular 1/2" gypsum wallboard, the other being 1/2" "greenboard". Its up to you if you want to use thicker material.

Regardless, screw length and type is critically important to the success of your project. You must calculate the right length to achieve secure sheetrock attachment. If you are unfamiliar with installing resilient channel, be sure to study the USG Gypsum Construction Handbook.

  IsoWall screw types