Listening Room Soundproofing

Getting the best sound out of your HiFi gear starts with the structural makeup of your listening room. That means the walls and ceilings can actually contribute to, or detract from, the sound quality. ASC is the only company with an engineered soundproofing system designed to enhance your audio listening experience.

Soundproofing a listening room is as much about sound containment as it is about sound enhancement. Our customers have invested in top quality audio gear and speakers, and many opt for ASC's soundproofing as part of their acoustic package.

WallDamp and it's unique bass damping ability gives you a unique edge over other soundproofing products. Our products are best installed when walls are unsheathed, but WallDamp can be installed overexisting walls. Either way, you'll be blown away by the improved articulation and detail in all kinds of music.

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Walldamp+Iso was used to enhance the sound of this magnificent listening room.

A great sounding listening room starts in the structural stage of construction.

Another of the awesome listening rooms ASC has worked on.