Cable Pass Thru

An Engineered Cable Pass Through with Soundproofing

Cable Pass Thru - cross sectionASC has an engineered way to maintain sound isolation while running your cables through the wall. This product is great for recording studios or home theaters, or any situation where a soundproofed room needs to stay soundproofed. This is a kit that’s easily installed no matter how thick your wall is. As long as you can cut a 9.75" x 5.75" hole in your wall, the ASC Cable Pass Thru can be installed.

How It Works

cable pass through wall platesThere are two specially designed doors, one for each side of the wall, which seal the room and stop sound leakage. The door units use memory foam and WallDamp, as well as mass to block vibration and sound.

To use, just pass your cables through the wall, remembering of course to open the doors first. When everything is in place the way you want it, the doors are closed and the thumbscrews tightened. This compresses the memory foam against the cables, providing an airtight seal around them.

The best part of the system is that when you're done, or you need to change cables, just loosen the thumbscrews, open the doors, and complete your changes.  The memory foam adjusts to the new cable configuration in just a few minutes, and you are soundproof again.



More Information

Each ASC Cable Pass Through Kit includes two door units, one for each side of the wall. The cost is $427 per kit (2010).