Soundproofing & Sound-Conditioning

ASC IsoCeiling System

Whether you are building a recording studio, dedicated home theater, or simply looking for superior sound insulation, nothing works better than ASC Iso-Ceiling. This unique construction system has been developed over 15 years in the design and building of professional recording studios. Now, this proven system is fast becoming a requirement in the construction of custom home theater and hifi audio rooms.

Today's home entertainment systems, with large subwoofers, have as much explosive bass power as found in most recording studios. Typical construction methods are simply not adequate for handling these high dB levels. The IsoCeiling system was designed from the onset with high-level musical playback in mind.

Inside This Old House, June 2004

​Early in 2004, a camera crew from This Old House visited the showroom at Goodwin's High End. They were there to discuss electronics for an upcoming home theater project. When the discussion led to ASC Walldamp+Iso soundproofing for a basement home theater, the crew zoomed in and started rolling the cameras.

They shot the full ASC Walldamp+Iso wall and ceiling system explanation from a very experienced sales tech. They liked the idea of a floating ceiling that is soundproof plus the addition of damping materials to create sound conditioning, thus creating a calm sounding interior. This level of remodel detail was fascinating to the crew. They had never thought of damping a soundproofing project so the soundproofed room sounds good inside.

Audio Excellence

The ASC Iso-Ceiling out-performs all forms of standard construction by combining the necessary elements required for superb playback performance. The room's interior becomes peaceful and quiet--free from disturbing exterior noises. At the same time, sound within the room is contained, and 'noise leakage' to the rest of the structure is minimized. Beyond its sound isolating characteristics, an ASC built ceiling has the added ability to condition the room's acoustic signature in the low-end bass frequency spectrum. By utilizing our proprietary WallDamp material (a visco-elastic polymer) throughout the system, low frequency energy is absorbed into the ceiling. This reduces bass feedback and sound transmission, and results in a clean, rich sound with well-balanced frequency response.

The ASC Iso-Ceiling comes as a complete kit and is designed to be affordable and easy-to-install by any contractor or the do-it-yourself homeowner.

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