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IsoDeck Floating Floors

Acoustic Sciences introduces the IsoDeck System, the non-rubber answer to deck isolation. While rubber has long been regarded as an excellent isolator, its density under load actually transmits sound. At ASC, the industry leader in small room audio acoustics, our goal is to improve your room acoustics. We engineered our IsoDeck with a technical woven high density felt, the only isolator that won’t transmit sound. Plus, we don’t stop with just floating the deck on felt. We add WallDamp, a visco-elastic damping material that stops vibration cold. What you get with the ASC IsoDeck is superior isolation plus vibrational damping.

How It Works

The natural process of sound vibration creates friction and unwanted energy buildup through the bending and slipping of adjacent surfaces. This in turn causes the floor to add unwanted acoustic coloration to your room. The IsoDeck isolates the floor, using a unique high density 1” felt strip called a slot loaded spring, inserted into the bottom of every joist to float the deck. The felt is lightly glued into a 3/4” x 3/16” rabbeted groove.

The top of each joist is covered with strips of damping polymer called WallDamp. Two layers of subfloor rest on the joists, separated by squares of WallDamp. With this system, even high power sub-bass energy is isolated and rapidly dissipated. You get real sound isolation, reduced floor resonance, and damping even when there’s thunderous sound.

Why Not Use Rubber Supports?

Consider your room as a giant guitar body. It resonates at certain sound frequencies, noticeable only when the volume is turned up. The floor helps to propagate the room resonance, so we want to isolate it with a deck. Rubber feet transmit sound, causing the deck to bounce which in turn causes acoustic problems in your studio or home theater. Conversely, the ASC IsoDeck floats on technical felt which doesn’t transmit sound, there is no resonance. This in turn actually improves room acoustics while effectively isolating sound.

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