WindowPlug: Soundproofing for Windows

WindowPlug is perfect for stopping sound transmission through windows without permanently sealing the window. Like all ASC soundproofing products, WindowPlug uses our exclusive WallDamp visco-elastic material to eliminate vibration. WindowPlug: Instant Soundproofing for Windows

The biggest single soundproofing problem in homes is the window. It is the weakest link when it comes to sound containment. You could buy expensive retrofit “soundproof windows” and still only achieve STC 34, which still allows a lot of sound penetration. Or you can save the remodel expense and hassle and just get a custom sized ASC WindowPlug. Keep your existing window, and get excellent soundproofing results instantly.

If you can hear outdoor noise through your window, typically low frequency sound and vibration, WindowPlug provides the stopping power you need. As well, if you want loud sound inside your house late at night without breaking the peace and quiet in the rest of the neighborhood, the ASC WindowPlug is for you.

Each WindowPlug is custom sized to fit your window opening. The unit is then friction fitted into place using the perimeter felt gasket to hold it firmly. These units use mass and damping to stop sound. The standard frame is black laquered medite, or you can opt for beautiful oak or maple for an additional fee. Comes with a thick black or grey felt front/back facing material, or choose a Guilford fabric for an additional fee.



WindowPlug detail

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Beautiful Finish Quality

WindowPlug finish

Our factory makes each WindowPlug to your exact specifications. Custom jobs cost more, but our technicians make it happen.


Prepare for Blastoff

WindowPlug installed

When the need to play high volume audio hits you, just reach for your ASC WindowPlug and you'll be good to go.