Recording Studio Soundproofing

Regardless of whether you have a professional "downtown" studio project, or a dedicated room in your house, ASC's IsoWall and IsoCeiling soundproofing is the only way to go. Our entire line of Walldamp+Iso products are engineered for optimal music acoustic quality, both live or playback.

When music quality matters and room acoustics are critical, every recording studio project starts with soundproofing. ASC's award winning acoustic products start with our Walldamp+Iso soundproofing system for walls and ceilings. In our humble opinion, there is no better product for recording studios. Check out our Cable Pass Through.

Our acoustic engineering team and project advisors will work with you to come up with the best solution that fits your budget. We can work directly with your builder and/or architect, designing a studio package for any size project. We are the project people, we love engineering solutions no matter how big or small.

Be sure to visit the Contact Page to download a project sheet which you fill out and fax back to us, or, fill out our Online Request Form.

WallDamp applied to 8" thick steel studwall

IsoWall and IsoCeiling Used at K-Sound Studio


Resilient Channel Going Up

Ready for Second Layer of Sheetrock

Time to Lay Down some Phat Beats

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