Soundproofing Testimonials

Dear ASC:

Last year I completed construction of my listening room in my basement (also does home theater). I built the room with your ISO-Wall system (WallDamp Ultra) and am VERY VERY happy. I have had a friend bring their equipment over and they thought their components sounded MUCH better than in their family in my listening room, which reinforced for me that the room delivered on what your ads/staff say. The room sounds good and I never get told to turn it down when listening at night (only some faint bass can be heard in living room directly above the room).

Best Regards,



Dear ASC,

I thought I would give you a follow up on how the Soundproofing went on my project for the Condo adjoining wall using your WallDamp Retrofit product. 24' x 8' approximately.

Well, when I removed the paneling, (as it was a paneling installation original construction) I found what was probably a big reason I was getting such a sound transference. None of the joints had been taped and floated. So there were seams where ever 2 pieces of sheet rock came together. I went ahead and used your Acoustical Caulking sealant and sealed the existing cracks. (took 1 tube) I installed the WallDamp Squares and I mean it was just enough with the 175 on 12" centers I think I had one square that was not available for 12" center.

Anyway as the installation when up I kept looking for signs of Sound Dampening and actually got a little discouraged as it was seemingly not making as difference. I caulked the seams with the other Tube of Acoustical Sealant , Taped & Floated and it was like a switch went on. Until the installation was completely finished, it seemed anyway, did I start to notice I was having a had time telling if my neighbors were home.

It was really nice to see all that effort come to a glorious silent end. I had a frequent guest spend the next 4 days and he said it was a noticeable difference. He said he thought he was even sleeping better. He said, I know that the neighbors came in about 2 a.m. but I didn't hear anything noticable.

So in final, A partial system installation does have a positive effect as long as it is installed correctly, more than likely. And I am sure a complete system installation must work wonders. Well thanks for your help and it has been a long time improvement finally done I wanted to do.

Best Regards,