WallDamp Retrofit: For Existing Walls

If you have an existing wall that you'd rather not strip down to the studs, we have the product for you. WallDamp Retrofit can be applied to existing walls in a snap. Now you can enjoy all the unique benefits of WallDamp without having to tear down existing walls or build new walls. While our product comes with an excellent non-toxic and non-volatile adhesive, you still must screw the sheetrock to the wall as required by your local building code.

WallDamp Retrofit works with just about any existing wall sheathing which is typically sheetrock, concrete, wood or plywood. As long as the wall is a continuous flat surface, this product is applied the same way one would install another layer of sheetrock.

WallDamp Retrofit is also the product of choice for concrete basement walls, with the help of furring strips. See below for more on this.

STC and Audio: Not Made For Each Other


Vibration Control

What is remarkable about WallDamp construction is that it not only keeps sound and vibration from passing through the surfaces of the room but that it actually absorbs it. By comparison, a concrete room is well known for keeping sound from getting out, but it’s bad for the person left in the room, the listener. If sound can’t get out of a room it has to stay in the room and reverberate. Carpet, draperies and furnishings may provide some acoustic friction inside the room to attenuate sounds in the treble range but they supply little to no absorption for sounds in the bass range.

That is why concrete rooms are very ‘’boomy’’ sounding. When sounds or vibrations try to pass through the walls, floor or ceiling of a room, it causes those surfaces and the structure behind each of them to move. When a wall, floor or ceiling vibrates, it changes shape. The WallDamp system uses WallDamp to separate each of the parts that make up the wall, floor or ceiling. Any movement at all by the wall, floor or ceiling causes a distortion of the WallDamp. This distortion in the WallDamp absorbs the sound energy and any vibration is quieted.

When high powered audio such as a powered sub-woofer is present in a basement home theater, sound is trapped by thick concrete walls. WallDamp Retrofit calms the room down by damping excess sound and shocks, so you can enjoy the movie without distraction.

WallDamp Retrofit is the only product available that can make a solid immoveable concrete wall into a flexible sound damping wall.


When it comes to structural sound conditioning, nothing is more important than damping low frequency sound vibration. Low frequency sound easily travels through typical walls, which can create problems with neighbors. WallDamp Retrofit allows you to address this issue without having to demolish your existing walls.

This is the same as our WallDamp Retrofit product, except for the added layers of WallDamp and sheetrock. The added sheetrock combines with the WallDamp to create constrained layer damping. This wall system uses dissimilar types of sheetrock placed over your existing wall. Strips and squares of WallDamp are added, giving the wall a high capacity to dampen vibration.

Situations such as Home Theaters, Listening Rooms and Music Practice Rooms benefit the most from WallDamp Retrofit. Not only does less low frequency sound penetrate the wall, the room itself actually sounds better and more solid.